Women's Fantasy Bride Costume

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Women's Fantasy Bride Costume

"Here comes the bride, all dressed in white..."Now that we've got the tune stuck in your head (you're welcome), how about a new twist on the old lyrics? We were thinking something along the lines of, "Here comes the bride, with nothing to hide." If you're here, we assume you're just a little bit tired of all the old traditions. They're so... formal! And constricting. You want to prove once and for all that walking down the aisle can be fun, glamorous, and a little risque, too. As far as we're concerned, it's all about the bride and what she wears. That's why we think we've got the perfect match for you: the Women's Fantasy Bride Costume!It's the ideal dress if you want to turn tradition on its ear and make some crazy memories at your bachelorette party. And if you're not quite ready to walk down that aisle, that's okay, too! Because the dress also makes a perfect Halloween costume. If you're going down that route, you can either bring along your man in a tux (we happen to sell all kinds of them!), or find yourself a groom of your own at the Halloween party. Because with the skirt, corset, garter, and veil, this costume not only hits on all the classic wedding day themes, but also makes you look stunning.Made with fine, silky fabrics and exquisitely detailed (and yet comfortable and easy to wear), but still fun and a little on the naughty side, this Women's Fantasy Bride Costume is a truly unique and very you way to celebrate the institution of matrimony!

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