Women's Black Mermaid Tights

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Women's Black Mermaid Tights

gills with gritWhen we think about mermaids, we often assume that they only wear pastels and jewel tones. Now, we're not sure where we got that idea. Mermaids could be much darker than we assume. We get how we were misled. There are all sorts of bright coral and colorful fish out there so we jumped to a cheerful conclusion. But here's the thing, there are endless dark and mysterious corners of the ocean. Enough dark and mysterious nooks and crannies to give us wiggle room to continue believing in mermaids. But while we can imagine them swimming through subterraneous caves and exploring sunken ships, we don't think they would be the pink and purple creatures that were featured in childhood shower curtains and kiddie pools. If they've remained secret this whole time, we've got to believe they have an edge.Product DetailsThese tights might work their way into your everyday wardrobe with a black mermaid tale pattern and a sheer, shiny top. You'll find plenty of mermaid accessories to give your mermaid costume a unique (and perhaps more realistic) spin. The Dive VibeIf you got to take a dive to Atlantis, you'd want to blend into the cool crew down there. In these tights, you'll look like you've been sleeping in a giant clamshell your whole life, in a good way. And hey, if you want to simply throw them on for a stormy day at the beach, they are sure to be Instagram magic. It's about time we set the jewel-toned mermaid record straight! 

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Date Added: 12/17/19
Updated: 6/27/20

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