Plus Size Bride Of Frankenstein Costume For Women

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Plus Size Bride Of Frankenstein Costume For Women

We warned Dr. Frankenstein about this but that kooky scientist didn't listen to us. We told him that if he wanted to find a mate for Frankenstein that he should do it the old fashion way: by going out into the world and finding someone he shares a connection with. Of course, he didn't take our advice. We urged him to set his creepy creation up with Tinder so he can swipe his way to a happy relationship, but Doc just brushed aside our idea. He felt his giant green monster wouldn't do well with the app-based dating site because of his abominable appearance. Touchè, Dr. Frankentsein, touchè. We then suggested that creating an account on might be a better idea, but the scientist turned his nose up to this notion too. "Online dating is not an option for my magnificent creation," he said. Jeez alright, we'll stop with the new-age suggestions! Dr. Frankenstein then proceeded to go back to his initial idea: building a mate for his first creation.   We have a feeling this won't end well, but we'll let the Dr. do as he pleases. It's not like we can stop him anyway! However, if you want to undergo a major monster transformation this Halloween, we advocate for using this Bride of Frankenstein plus size costume instead. You won't have to spend hours in the laboratory concocting the perfect monster costume because this dress, corset, and choker is everything you need. We also advise that you stay far away from Dr. Frankenstein because he very well might try to set you up on a blind date with his monster. We have a feeling that would be more awkward than any of your previous Tinder dates! 

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Date Added: 12/17/19
Updated: 9/19/20

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