Bride Of Frankenstein Costume

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Bride Of Frankenstein Costume

You waited your whole life for that special day. And then, well. . . then you died. That could have been the end of it. Maybe that should have been the end of it. However, that mad scientist got ahold of your fresh corpse and you found yourself rudely awakened from your eternal slumber on a cold metal table. Not what you were expecting! Not everyone gets a second chance. This time around you're going to embrace this new life. You're going to see the world. You're going to try sushi from Japan, you're going to go Bungee jumping, maybe you'll even get a tour of Dracula's castle. You've always been a fan of fusion! Lucky for you, you've got a great excuse to see the world through new eyes. All this travel will make for one monster of a honey moon! You've got yourself an interesting groom. Sure, he's green behind the ears when it comes to love. And yeah, he might be a little bit of a blockhead. But he's sweet as sugar and strong as an ox. You two were literally made for each other. You never thought your nuptials would take place in a lab. On the other hand, you always wanted to get married in a unique location. We bet Pinterest never thought of this one! Your gown is gorgeous with the wrapped bandages setting off your ghostly pallor quite nicely! The corset is a nod to your brand-new stitches while the choker shows off the work that's recently been done to your neck. All you need now is that iconic hairdo to make your look complete. Your special day has come at last and one thing is for sure, your wedding reception will not be a dead affair in fact. . . it's alive!

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