Star Wars Queen Amidala Girls Costume

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Star Wars Queen Amidala Girls Costume

Does your child seem diplomatic? Perhaps your child is always trying to negotiate a new bedtime, or maybe she’s always mediate peace between siblings. Well, then maybe it’s time she gave intergalactic politics a shot. After all, the Republic seems like it could use some fresh faces in their government. Have you seen that Palpatine guy from Naboo? He’s getting kind of old and it might be time to find a replacement for him before he falls down a giant inexplicable shaft inside of a space station!Of course, the first step you’ll need to get your child ready for some Star Wars style politics is a new outfit, like the one worn by Padme Amidala during her reign as the Queen of Naboo! It just so happens that we have that very outfit here in a size that’s perfect for your regal little one.Based on her outfit from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, this child Queen Amidala costume is a deluxe outfit that comes with everything you need to crown your child the Queen of Naboo. The bright red robe features plenty of great details, like intricate designs on the front and yellow accents along the bottom of the skirt. She’ll look ready to negotiate peace between her people and the Gungans, or maybe she’ll just be ready to get the mother-load of candy during her next trick or treat expedition! Either way, you’d better remember to send a few Jedi Knights along with her, since you never know when the Trade Federation will try to stir up some trouble for your little girl!

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