Star Wars Bb8 Inflatable Adult Costume

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Star Wars Bb8 Inflatable Adult Costume

Being the hero isnâ??t just about swinging a lightsaber around at Sith Lords and it certainly has nothing to do with how well you can shoot a blaster. It doesnâ??t have anything to do with battles against the Stormtroopers of the First Order. It doesnâ??t even have anything to do with how in tune you are with the Force. It all comes down to how much moxie you have and by golly, BB-8 has more moxie than you can shake a stick at. If only there was a way for you to be more like BB-8, from Star Wars: The Force Awakensâ?¦Youâ??re probably not going transform into a real droid anytime soon, but there are ways to look like your favorite droid. Through the power of costume, you can become Poe Dameronâ??s number one homie! This BB-8 inflatable droid costume is an officially licensed outfit and itâ??s totally going to make you look like an astromech droid.The costume comes with an inflatable suit with an attached fan. Just turn the fan on and the suit will inflate to a plump, spherical shape like that of the iconic droid. The exterior of the suit has printed details, like orange accents and a printed black faux camera lens on the top. Now, we canâ??t recommend trying to roll around on the ground like the real BB-8, but you can scurry about and make beeping noises to help up your BB-8 game. Just make sure you get that secret map to the Resistance members before Kylo Ren gets his hands on you!

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Date Added: 12/8/20

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