Men's Opposuits Juicy Jungle Suit Costume

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Men's Opposuits Juicy Jungle Suit Costume

The Juicy Jungle SuitHey, it's a wild world out there. You might even call it a jungle. We, of course, recommend dressing snazzy. You're sure to feel your best when you're dressed real sharp. We'd call that juicy. So, when you're looking to take on the world in the boldest way possible? Just grab a Juicy Jungle suit. It's the latest creation from our friends at Opposuits, and we're happy to let you know that we have this brand new selection ready for you!Product DetailsThis stylish suit is fully printed, as is de rigueur for Opposuits styles. It comes in a bold, leafy print comes with all of your favorite colors: purples, greens, and teals. It's styled as a traditional 3 piece suit set including the jacket, pants, and tie. Slim fit style, the jacket is fully lined, and the tie comes in the traditional self-tie style. Your day might not necessarily be juicy when you wear this suit, but we're sure it's going to be a whole lot more interesting.All things costumeThis Men's Opposuits Juicy Jungle Suit is part of our commitment to all things costume, and that includes a wide selection of costume apparel, and now suits, too! Just because you might wear this suit as a costume doesn't preclude it being worn at any number of non-costume events, either. It's a real suit, and it's ready to be worn time and time again. Really, it should be worn any time you'd like to feel juicy!

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Date Added: 8/9/20
Updated: 12/8/20

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